About Us

R MANUFACTURING COMPANY is a full service machine shop started in 1981 that has made thousands of different parts out of just about every material you can think of, for all kinds of units and assemblies, for all sorts of customers.
Among our all-time favorites were parts we made for a bio-tech startup that revolutionized brain tumor surgery and several parts for a major University that were used in equipment thousands of feet underwater to study whales all over the world.
We also made similar parts for equipment to study forest  elephants in Africa.
Another customer challenges us frequently in their quest to make a better nut roaster. And then there were some really “far out” parts that we made for the Hubble Space telescope and some communications satellites.
A little closer to home, we also made replacement axles for racing go-carts, some parts for motorcycle carburetors and drag race cars, and we even helped fix a manure spreader or two.
Our most “heavenly” job was faithfully reproducing some century-old window hinges for a local church.

In 1995, when someone came to us with the idea to re-invent the outboard drives for R/C boats, we put our experience to work and came up with designs that were lighter, stronger, and, most important to the customers, faster. In 2000, we introduced the very first production Gas Outboard. Now, as R Manufacturing Co – Lawless Drives, we continue to work with other manufacturers to help bring their products to market,  in addition to supplying parts for boat kits, and continuing to innovate and create in the R/C world as well as elsewhere. If you have something that needs to be made or modified, please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you.

If you are wondering where we came up with the QuickShot, FastGun and Cutthroat names, along with many others that seem to be following a theme, we started out working closely with Bandit Boats, formerly of Vancouver, BC. We styled our product names to complement their “Bandit” line of boats, hence, “FastGun”, “QuickShot”, etc. The rest, as they say, is history. Hats off to an innovator, Dorrien Thompson, wherever he may be. Hats off also to ZIPPKITS and Joe Petro, another visionary who is setting the standard (and exceeding it regularly) for great products and great customer service.