BushWhacker Steering Arm for G-Drive


Our tried-and-true solution for getting your servo’s output directly to your drive. A solid, one-piece machined aluminum arm that attaches directly to your Lawless G-Drive, transmitting the servo torque to the exact pivot point for perfect steering accuracy.

This steering arm is just what you need to get your boat to do what you want. It comes with pre-drilled holes to attach cables or rods with ease. If you are converting from cables to our heavy duty steering rods, we can pre-drill and tap a new arm, or we will re-drill and tap the one you already have to accept the ball joint rod ends. When you need to remove the drive from the boat, simply remove one screw and loosen another and the steering arm lifts right off the pivot pin, without having to disconnect anything. When you re-mount the drive, simply place the arm over the pin, re-install the cross screw and nut, tighten the small lock screw and you are back in business. If you run more than one boat and swap the motor and drive between them, you should have a steering arm for each boat. The steering arm comes with extended swivel pin, screws, washers, and locking nut.


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