Throttle Cable Kit, with Coil Relocator


Use this kit on your Lawless Drive engine to re-route your throttle cable. Includes a bonus bracketĀ  from to relocate the coil.

Some throttle cable setups involve snaking the cable out past the back of the boat and doubling it back on itself to attach to the arm on the carb. Some other systems involve an intermediate arm that actuates the carb. What’s wrong with that? Well, have you ever seen the cable flex as it tries to push the carb open? Has that little plastic arm on the intermediate device failed to properly engage the arm on the carb? Either condition can give you erratic and unsatisfactiry operation of the throttle. Those are two reasons why you should look at our setup. Our bracket attaches to the motor near the base of the carb and brings the cable to an arm attached to the stub shaft on the underside of the carb. When the servo pulls the cable it pulls the throttle open with a positive action. When you let off the throttle, the spring in the carb ensures that it closes smoothly. You receive the bracket, an adjustable attachment screw for the cable, a small bellcrank (arm), and hardware to mount the bracket, plus we also include another bracket from to move the coil (that red plastic blob on the side of the motor), up out of the water. You really don’t need to have the coil practically dragging in the water, and you need one of the screw holes where the coil mounts to attach the throttle cable bracket. Instructions included, with pictures, to make sure you get it right.


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