Backup Plate Set for G-Drive


Have you ever had your drive get loose and move around on your transom because the screws sunk into the wood, or the wood simply compressed behind the mount?
Have you had threaded nut-inserts that pulled into the wood or rusted out? This set will prevent those things from happening, or cure the problem if it already has.
Comes with your drive, but a definite must-have if you plan to run more than one boat with the same motor and drive (Flexshafts shown are not included with this item).

This set consists of two aluminum pieces that sandwich your transom. An outer plate is placed between the brackets of the mount and the transom. Several holes allow for various drilling options, but we recommend using three screws on each bracket. Six alloy steel screws are supplied. The outer plate’s holes can be used as a drilling template for the mounting screws. (But only drill the holes you think you will need,) The inner plate is tapped for the screws that we provide, so you never have to fumble inside a small space to put nuts on screws. Some people DO want to use locknuts on the screws, so we thoughtfully provide some for you. New and not shown, a center hole in each plate (tapped on the inside) allows for one small screw (included) to be placed behind the mount, so the plates don’t dislodge if you remove the mount, and you don’t have to glue them in place. If the plates don’t quite fit on your boat, you can easily modify them to fit with a hacksaw and file.


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