3.5 Quickshot Drive


The Racer’s Choice among outboard drives. The record-setting Lawless 3.5 “QuickShot” Drive is machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum, with no cast or plastic parts. It can be used with K&B, Rossi, Nova Rossi, OS-21, OPS-21 and others. Two propshaft choices and two FE adapter options make this drive truly the most adaptable 3.5 drive available on the planet. Our innovative steering arm makes removing the engine easy with no need to disconnect the steering linkage.


The QuickShot drive adapts to your needs with interchangeable motor mount plates and 2 propshaft options. Order the standard motor mount plate to use with any K&B or compatible motor, or ask for the optional “OS” mount plate for your OS-21, Nova Rossi (recent release) or OPS DAC-21 motor. Either plate is free with the drive purchase, or can be ordered separately (See PARTS). 

If you prefer to use the OS propshaft (available elsewhere), order your drive modified to accept it.  OS and K&B propshafts are NOT interchangeable.
The drive is also available on request without the 4 small water holes in the lower “bullet” . This style is generally preferred when pressure oiling is being used, otherwise, these holes would need to be plugged. Some customers have also asked for the no-holes style with the OS propshaft option. Small dimples are provided as a guide, in case the water holes need to be added at a later date.

The 3.5 drive weighs about 9 ounces, complete with the 3-piece mount and steering arm. 3 spare flexshafts are also included with your drive.

Ask about our Pressure Oiling system for this drive.

NOW AVAILABLE, our “EXTREME” version cavitation plate (hint, it isn’t the smooth one in the picture).

Manufacturer’s trademark names are used for illustration only. 

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