Cutthroat Gas Drive


When the time comes to move up to a Big Gas Boat (say that three times, fast), the ORIGINAL purpose-built gas outboard drive is the Lawless “Cutthroat” G-Drive.
Machined from rugged “billet” 6061-T6 aluminum plate, like all of our drives, and built to handle the biggest and baddest GAS outboard motors.
Complete with everything needed to bolt on to a boat and go, except the motor, pipe, prop, and steering linkage.
Add our Heavy Duty, Ball-joint, adjustable steering rod kit and you will have the best combination available.
Other accessories also available.


Includes the drive, a steel driver for your motor, four flexshafts, the propshaft, 3-piece transom mount, motor mount, water pickups, and steering arm.
It also has reinforcing plates for the inside and outside of the transom, plus all mounting screws and nuts, with spares.
The mount plate is designed for standard Zenoah engines and clones, or you can request a special mount plate for the AWESOME QuickDraw engine.
Coming soon, our own electric motor mount plates for popular brushless motors and an optional Anti-Vibration motor mount.
Available now, our EXTREME cavitation plate. Check out the picture. It looks scary, but is still safe.
Other available accessories include the heavy duty steering rod set, a water deflector for the carb, throttle linkage kit, and coil relocating bracket.


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