7.5 FastGun Drive


The Lawless 7.5 “FastGun” Drive is the one that started it all, way back in 1995. The first, and still the best alternative to the original K&B 7.5 outboard drive.
Newly re-designed for greater ease of use. Available for standard K&B and compatible 7.5cc motors, or larger size (11cc, 13cc) motors with an alternate mounting plate.
A Fast Electric option is now available. The innovative steering arm makes engine removal easy with no need to disconnect steering linkage
and works very well with our solid-aluminum medium duty steering rod kit.


Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum “billet” plate stock, the FastGun drive is stronger, sleeker and lighter than any other 7.5 outboard drive available.
It is much more rugged than the cast-aluminum (K&B) original, while also offering reduced weight.
The modular design allows you to put together the drive you want without having to make any changes to the drive itself.
Be sure to order the optional “11cc” motor mount plate to use with any motor over 7.5cc size (see PARTS). You can also order a motor mount plate that allows
for continuous pressure oiling of your flexshaft, as well as our new “Extreme” style cavitation plate.
The drive weighs about 15 ounces, complete with the 3-piece mount, and includes 3 spare flexshafts.
Full assembly and use instructions are included. Stay tuned for our upcoming electric option motor mount plate.


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